Apramo ostara fix car seat review 🚘

Car seats can be a nightmare and it’s difficult to know exactly when to switch stages, but luckily for you, the APRAMO completely removes that predicament as it covers all stages from 3 years to 12 years old!

Apramo, the modern parenting brand, known for its safe, stylish and stress-free collections, has introduced the Apramo OstaraTM Fix (RRP: £119). A new Group 2/3 seat, (15 to 36kg -Approx. three to12 years), which is lightweight and easy to install. For extra stability, it has the option to secure using ISOFIX connectors to lock the seat firmly to your car, even when your child isn’t using it. If your car doesn’t feature ISOfix points, then you can still fit it with your vehicle’s own seat belt.

It boasts an impressive 7-position backrest and importantly, includes Superior Side Impact Protection (SSIP) cushion technology for added safety.

To keep your seat looking pristine, the OstaraTM Fix covers can be removed quickly and easily for washing, which is likely if you’re using the seat for all those years!

Available in Flame Red, Ink Black and Steel Grey, from www.halfords.com and other independent retailers.

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