Sleepyhead deluxe +

Sleep, or lack of, is a hot topic when it comes to parenting so it’s no surprise that the market is saturated with products claiming to give you that peaceful nights sleep you’ve been dreaming about. With so many products on the market it’s hard to know where to start and when to stop.

When Alexandros was born we invested in so many baby products from swaddles to bed side cribs. Even with all this it still ended in us Co sleeping. I just wish I knew about the sleepyhead 5 years ago.

Over the past years the internet has been flooded with images and write ups of the miracle sleepyhead baby pod so when I got the chance to review it myself I grabbed it with both hands.

So what is the sleepyhead?It’s a snug pod made from breathable materials said to ‘reinvent the womb’ to give your baby a sense of safeness and security. The thick bumper around the side of the pod helps to reduce startle reflex. When babies feel too much space around them like they would do in a crib or moses basket as a newborn they often get a fright and shoot their arms and legs out and this wakes them. The sleepyhead provides the same sensation of being held so your baby is less likely to suffer from startle reflex and sleep for longer – win!

It’s also great for travelling , the sleepyhead comes in a handy travel case making transporting it around super easy.

Last but not least it comes with a range of adorable covers which they regularly update. We have chosen the neutral tones of the chevron and my all time favourite Toile de Jouy Blue, I just wish the toile de jouy came as a king size bed spread for my bed too.

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