My birth story

Welcome to the world Theodoros Nikolaos Raftopoulos! Born at 37 + 3 weeks on Tuesday 12th March at 11.58am weighing 7 pound 1 OZ.

He was birthed calmly and gently into the birth pool at my local birth centre in Ashurst, Hampshire.

I was supported by my husband Nikolaos and 2 midwifes one of whom was at the birth of my first son Alexandros in 2013. I am so lucky to live in an area where continuity of care is available on the NHS. It makes such an enormous difference.

This was my second time practising hypnobirthing and just as my previous birth I had no intervention.

I focused on my breathing and had my husband count for me during each surge and then relaxed in between. The surges were powerful and tense when they peaked but I got small breaks in between and I felt confident and good.

Whilst out the pool, my midwife used a blend of aromatherapy oils to massage my lower back during my surges this helped my relax and to focus on my breath.

Thank you so much to the positive birth company – the digital pack made a world of difference to the birthing of my second child.

Images belonging to @thepositivebirthingcompany

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