Horsing Around

Something we have been struggling with recently is how much time kids spend indoors, using various forms of technology; iPads, phones, video games. When we were little tikes we were encouraged to spend time exploring the great outdoors, getting dirty. Now that it’s become colder again, everyone seems to be favouring the indoor life. Last week, we had enough of wasting away indoors, and we went on a little field trip to play with some adorable Shetland ponies. Check out these precious moments that fine art photographer Sophie Stimpson managed to capture for us.

Alexandros feeling a bit tentative about sharing his pumpkin with Dolly!

Alexandros Green plaid shirt, £42

Condor knee high socks, £7.50

Scarf, La Coquet


Look mummy, I’m a cowboy!


Come on Dolly, it’s time for your walk!

Grey Woolen coat, £89
Until next time,

Baby A x

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