If beauty was to be described with a shoe…

If beauty was to be described with a shoe then we know just what shoe it would be…

The vevian turquoise Matthew shoe, or any vevian shoe in fact.

Vivienne the maker of these adorable shoes kindly sent Alexandos a pair of her Matthew turquoise shoes , excitement came before we even saw the shoe.

The fact the shoes came in a wooden embossed box made me squeal, not only is this a shoe but a keep sake. I’m Inlove.


The moment I saw the gorgeous leather turquoise shoes I was keen to raid Alexandros wardrobe to style them.

I automatically thought grey trousers , grey jacket, all one colour so the eye is drawn to the shoe.

I got excitement explaining the outfit to my husband. I think I even sold the shoes to him,  a size 42 please Vivienne 👍
Another gorgeous item we received in the post today was a blue knitted romper by Rainer and bear.

Absolutely adorable and even better team this with a blue Peter Pan collar shirt by Alexandros kids and it will fit perfectly with our vevian shoes.

Alexandros was not in the best mood for photos, we had to bribe him with his baghera car but neithertheless you can see how adorable this entire outfit is.

Thank you vevian shoes, Rainer and bear and Alexandros kids.

All items shown today are available online

Shoes at http://www.vevian.co.uk

Shirt at http://www.alexandroskids.co.uk

Romper at http://www.rainerandbear.bigcartel.com

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