Hotter than the sun

It’s been an absolute scorcher this week- and while we are not complaining about the good weather, it is also very difficult to dress for. With the U.K. Very rarely reaching these temperatures, things like air con are not as standard in all buildings, causing us to feel like we are melting. To celebrate the warm weather, we thought we would share with you a photo shoot we did in Dubai- where it was much hotter, yet Baby A was comfortable in breathable yet stylish clothes.

We teamed up with photographer Emma Staples for this shoot, and got some absolutely beautiful shots. Originally from England, Emma now lives in Dubai, and is a family lifestyle photographer.


Photography has always been my passion, and after a few years of doing it as a hobby, decided to do it professionally. After moving to Dubai, Emma Staples Photography was born, which focuses  on maternity, newborn, children and families. My style is very informal and relaxed; I love observing family moments, and often prefer more candid shots. I don’t like to pose or interfere too much during the shoot- I like to see how families interact sand capture those intimate moments



Baby A wears outfit by Zara- linen shirt and Bermuda shorts were perfect for the hot temperatures shop here

Shoes by menthe et grenadine- secure and stylish, with leather so soft that no socks are needed. Shop here

What are your styling tips in this hot weather?

Baby A X

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