All packed up

With so many bags on the market at the moment, it’s often hard to choose the right one. We like to have a variety to suit our different needs. If you’re going for a walk with your little one, and want your hands totally free, whilst being organized, the Gladstone pacapod bag is for you.

The flat pack luxury pods expand to carry a whole range of feeding and changing essentials, whilst keeping everything separate. It also comes with a padded changing mat, pram clips, insulated bottle cover, and separate clothes pouch; so you really can enjoy a day out on the go with all your essentials strapped to your back.

We used the insulated pod to contain Baby A’s packed lunch for the day, so we didn’t have to worry about the hunger anger we all know so well. As well as all of his essentials, mum’s camera, phone, wallet, umbrella and rain coat all fitted in the big pocket- is this a Mary Poppins bag or what?!

The best part- It’s so unisex that dad has no excuse not to share the carrying duties!

Visit their website to grab one here– they have a wide variety to choose from to suit your individual needs!



Baby A x


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