Boys with bikes

Learning to ride a bike is an essential part of everyone’s childhood. Hours spent with mum and dad trying to finally ride without stabilisers, trusting they are holding onto the back, until you realise you’ve been tricked-  but you’re doing it! By yourself! The feeling of shelf achievement and pride is like no other.

Although, as we all know, times are changing and nothing is ever the same as it was when we were growing up. We’ve recently discovered the “balance bike” from Banwood bikes (see their website here). It’s the new way of cycling, and the bikes have no pedals. The idea is that they learn to balance from an early stage. Kids go straight from a balance bike onto a normal bike (saves us a job!).


Baby A wears outfit by Lilly and Sid, shop here

Whether it is a bike to ride to the park, or becoming the next star in Tour de France- you can bet we will be there to support you!

– Banwood bikes



Shoes by Bobux, shop their website here– they have a great grip for cycling, and Velcro straps so he can take his shoes on and off himself- he hasn’t quite grasped shoelaces yet (working on it!)

Photography by Emma Rolfe, visit her portfolio here

Baby A X

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