Night Night, Sleep Tight

Whilst we all love going on holiday as a family and spending time with our loved ones, the actual traveling part can be a bit tricky, particularly with little ones. More often than not, you’re running behind schedule, you’ve hit unexpected traffic, and the walk to your designated gate seems to be half way to your destination.

Jet Kids have looked at the exasperated parents, and built a device sent from the heavens- their “Bedbox” acts as a suitcase, a seat, and a bed. The kids think it’s fun and games as you wheel them through the airport while they are sat on it, so this keeps them entertained while you do the last minute shopping you need to, before jumping on your flight. The 20 Litre storage gives you enough space to pack a change of clothes, a blanket, snacks, a “twist shake bottle”, headphones and a trusty iPad. Smug that he was the only one with a bed, Baby A didn’t moan once and slept through the flight. How wonderful!



Shop for your bed box now on Jetkids website here

Matching PJ and blanket set from Didi and Bud, shop here

Baby A x




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