Baby U Rock

What do you think when you think of Kids clothes? We usually think “cute”-  Animals and pastel colours and frills. But sometimes you don’t want cute. Sometimes you just want them to look downright cool. Especially our Alex, he loves strutting his stuff like he’s on the hottest catwalk of the season. And while everyone loves a “cute” outfit, sometimes you have to let their edgy and individual side shine. We have newly discovered Greek brand ‘Baby U Rock’, which has the coolest outfits for your littles ones to rock all day long.


We did a photoshoot in the Bluebell Fields with photographer Natasha Sibley, who captured a perfect combination of cuteness, sassiness and coolness- how is this even possible?! With two young kids of her own, Natasha understands how to make kids feel relaxed and look natural, whilst directing them to get great photos all round!

For me, Photography is more than just a job, it is my passion and as a self taught and motivated photographer I take great pride in the work that I do for clients. I love it when the parents look at a photo and just say ‘wow’ and I know that my work will hang on their walls being adorned, and remind them every day how precious their little treasures are.


Shops the outfits on the Baby U Rock website here

To get in contact with our photographer Natasha, check out her facebook page here

Baby A x

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