These boots are made for walking….

We love shoes- most women do! What we don’t always love is shopping for kids shoes. That dreaded moment when you realise they’ve outgrown their walkers, and back to the shops it is. Usually there’s something about each pair which makes you buy a different one next time- they fall apart, they rub your little one’s feet, or they just aren’t as practical as they seemed in the shop.

We have one pair of shoes that we have kept to since Baby A began walking- the Surfer, by Salt Water Sandals. With an adjustable toe buckle and ankle strap, it’s easy to make it fit their feet perfectly. Clearly Baby A has clearly been eating all his green because we are already on our third pair- however this is from him outgrowing them, they hold beautifully. We usually go for the classic navy because they match well with all outfits, smart and casual. They’re so comfy, even Mummy’s got herself a pair!

Save yourself and your kids the hassle and invest in a pair- thank us later!

Surfer, from £40, Salt Water Sandals, shop here

Photos by Jane Squires Photography

Clothes by Zara

Baby A x

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