Vitamin Sea

Speaking of summer, what a mare it can be keeping your kids protected on holiday (And the odd British heat wave)

One brand that has saved our life last year and that we currently have a bordering-unhealthy obsession with is Sunuva. This brand combines fashion with high quality protective UV swimwear, perfect for letting the little ones play all day worry-free (at least we get a little time off too!)

It made our holiday to Greece last year stress-free and we were able to relax whilst the kids had fun. Here’s a little throwback…..

Baby A on Costa Costa beach wearing crocodile rash vest £39 and swim shorts £38

Playing in the waves on Ammes beach, wearing Riviera floatsuit, £42
To shop this brand’s fantastic range and really put your feet up on holiday, visit their website!
We hope you love it as much as we do!
Baby A x

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